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welcome to the site! we hope you enoy your stay. before you enter the wonderful world of warriors, we ask that you please read our rules and expectations to get yourself familiarized with the site.

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everything you want to know about the plot and site information goes here, including warrior code, clan profiles, leader history, and battle tactics.

the official naming guide
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Jan 4, 2014 9:42:57 GMT -8

any activity checks, site updates, and other information will be housed here. all records will also be here for member's viewing.

activity check.
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Feb 3, 2014 8:34:01 GMT -8
clan statistics

each clan has their own thread with updates and information about all in-clan specifics, including hierarchy and plot notes.

▲ SKYCLAN, clan of the gorge
by tallsie is waiting for white
Jan 18, 2014 19:45:55 GMT -8

out of character

general chatter

make sure you obey the site rules, but any non-roleplaying chit chat will go here.

otm, great debates

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graphics center

if you would like to pick up graphics or make a graphics shop, please use this board. one graphics shop per member.

Kat's Art Shop!!
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all advertising will be done here, and only here. please post in your appropriate board.

link back, new

Terra marique a warriors rp
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May 13, 2023 3:46:03 GMT -8
gossamer university

want to learn some writing tips? take lessons from our wonderful collection of teachers? need help with coding or tables? this is where you get all your information. note: this board is for REGISTERED MEMBERS only.

tutorials, writing corner, graphics wing

staff quarters

for staff's eyes only <3

for the characters

character application

when you join, you must complete a character application form before you can roleplay. once accepted, you may start your rp adventure.


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accepted biographies

all completed characters will go here in there designated board for member reference. characters that are inactive for more than 3 weeks (have not posted) will be archived.

shadowclan, thunderclan, windclan, riverclan, starclan, skyclan, lrk

♛ stormthroat of riverclan
by Deleted
Jan 23, 2014 11:33:57 GMT -8
character plots

if you have any ideas for plots you might want for your characters, collect them here. throw up a plot page and let people make magic with your characters.

character logs & thread trackers

some of us have quite a few characters and need to store all their information in an organized way. expand on your characters here, keep track of their ages, and track your threads.

Kat's Thread Tracker
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Jan 23, 2014 12:30:51 GMT -8

have too many characters? want to take a pre-made without the need for a bio? this is the place to find all your adopting needs. kit adoptions are also done here.


Shiny's Needs
by Tawnystripe
Jan 21, 2014 21:28:45 GMT -8

shadowclan territory

shadowclan camp

shadowclan's camp is not in the thick forest like thunderclan's. where trees once stood there is ash, and the camp is in tatters and shambles. the ground is lined with pine needles, and whole uncomfortable, they serve as mediocre bedding. the ground is muddy and cool, and while there is no grass the camp is protected by a thick layer of bramble bushes.

leader's den, clanrock, medicine cat's den, warrior, apprentice, elder's den, fresh-kill pile

we’ve scarcely begun ✩ all clan
by garlicfang
Jan 22, 2014 1:06:32 GMT -8
barren lands

once a pine and fir forest now a burnt pile of ash. shadowclan has suffered a severe forest fire, and all that is left is the black skeletons of trees. as the dumping place of twolegs, shadowclan resides next to carrion, trash, and disease. cats seem to be always sick, and the clan does not know why. there is little cover in this part of the forest, and the territories include swamps, marshes, and dry, stony land. shadowclan has worked very hard to keep themselves occupied during the hardest times of survival, but it seems the clan's vengeance towards thunderclan might allow them to gain some forest territory.

burnt sycamore, carrionplace, shadowclan thunderpath, the marshes

Group Training [All ShadowClan cats]
by beetle-ear
Jan 23, 2014 15:15:48 GMT -8

thunderclan territory

thunderclan camp

lying at the foot of a sandy ravine, the camp entrance is a bush of brambles hollowed out so cats can crawl through, long ago, the camp was a river, but it dried up and left plenty of room for thunderclan to move in. the ferns and low-hanging trees provide shade, but still allow the sun to shine through. there is a large wall of rock near the back of the camp cats must scale to enter from the outside.

highrock and leader's den, mc den, warrior's den, apprentice's den, nursery, elder's den, fresh-kill pile

Spinning Wheels Keep On Turning [ALL CLAN]
by Deleted
Jan 23, 2014 14:40:48 GMT -8
the pine forest

thunderclan was blessed with a dense, dark forest in which to hunt. there is little light, but it doesn't mean cats have a harder time trying to get around. they say thunderclan has the best food out of all the clans because of its easy access to woodland creatures.

twolegplace, the sandy hollow, snakerocks, the owl tree, the great sycamore, tallpines and treecut place

The Prince and the Pauper ((Snowfoot/Matthew))
by Matthew ♪
Jan 21, 2014 6:28:55 GMT -8

windclan territory

windclan camp

living on the moor is not easy, but windclan is proud of its history. as tunnelers, windclan cats navigate and dig rabbit burrows as quick escape routes. however, no distinction between diggers and warriors has been made at this time. the camp is a sandy hollow surrounded by gorse, and the entrance is a gorse tunnel.

medicine cat's den, tallrock and leader's den, the field, fresh-kill pile

by Chalkpaw ♪
Jan 23, 2014 5:36:54 GMT -8
the moor

while windclan does not have much foliage, they do have a large moor many of the other clans envy. the base of their moor is quite green, but there are no trees in sight. the clan seems covered by a veil of mist coming from riverclan's territory. windclanners can run very fast, as their clan is the largest out of all four. the peak of the hills are quite dusty and rocky but make very good tools for building weapons and dens. because the hills are so windy, these cats often have short hair, as long hair slows them down when hunting.

outlook rock, twoleg farm, badger set, the gorge, rabbit

The Awkward Duo [almondpaw]
by Chalkpaw ♪
Jan 21, 2014 9:26:52 GMT -8

riverclan territory

riverclan camp

riverclan lives by the river in a reedy, pebbly plain. they have a love for water and are very good fishers, so they use the stones on the river to jump from fishing point to fishing point. the camp is a well-drained island in the middle of the river, big enough for all cats to live. the clan has never been attacked because the other clan's fear water.

apprentice's den, river rock and leader's den, medicine cat's den, warrior's den, apprentice's den, nursery, fresh-kill pile

Tragic News and Other Things {Clan Meeting}
by Sootnose
Jan 23, 2014 0:01:32 GMT -8
the riverside

made of wetland as well as the river, riverclan's territory is actually in a small twoleg park. they often see twolegs and there are rumors of riverclan cats being snatched and mistaken for kittypets. the river is very bustling and the cats love to hunt in the waves, but seem to lack the necessary skills to hunt wild prey like thunderclan.

halfbridge, the river, the gorge and wetlands

Sarcasm's way of life[Ravenpaw]
by Wolfpaw
Jan 17, 2014 19:13:13 GMT -8



the thunderpath is a huge road that separates thunderclan from shadowclan. it is dangerous to cross, but shadowclan has the tunnel that leads under the huge path. monsters zoom by and scare prey, but it is a good place to check on enemy clans.

Saying Goodbye [Ashstrike]
by Ashstrike
Jan 24, 2014 0:21:15 GMT -8

riverclan and thunderclan use the river as a border, even though the size is very limited. currently, sunningrocks is the place the clans fight over, although it really belongs to riverclan at this moment. the river also separates riverclan from shadowclan and windclan.

Normal Patrol (Milk/Snow/Pale/Open)
by Deleted
Jan 20, 2014 23:02:56 GMT -8
border gorge

the gorge opening is where riverclan and windclan border, and it is easy to cross with a small jump. however, both clans are wary of one another and patrols are busier than ever.

neuteral territory

burnt forest

loners and rogues live on the edge of timberclan territory where a great forest fire ripped through the land. because of this, shadowclan's territory became smaller, and new cats moved into the deserted area. since then, trees have not grown back, but this part of the forest is so populated, shadowclan can never get it back.

neuteral twolegplace

there is a small twoleg village just outside of thunderclan territory bordering the bog. it is forbidden to visit, but many outsiders and kittypets live in the area.

Fences {open}
by Matthew ♪
Jan 23, 2014 6:56:34 GMT -8

fourtrees is a place of peace, a place of gathering. near the edge of windclan territory lies four huge trees positioned right under the great dipper constellation. the clans meet here once a moon to discuss the ongoing events in each territory, and keep the omen of starclan from slamming down on them.


highstones is the sacred mountain just outside of windclan territory holding the magnificent stone, the moon stone. the clans use this to contact their warrior ancestors. there is a small cave inside, but the white stone against the wall is the most valuable.

mothermouth and moonstone

Milkstar's Leader Ceremony
by Deleted
Jan 4, 2014 14:54:18 GMT -8

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